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Welcome Def Leppard Fans !!!!!

Welcome to my new Def Leppard site.  My name is Sandra.  I just decided to re-vamp my site and to add more pictures of my favorite group.  I haven't been working too much lately on my site, but now, with the release of their new CD "X", I thought it would be a great reason to do so.

On this page, you will find information about the band, my own pictures of when I met them, and my concerts.  Also, i will try to update it with tour dates and also my trading section.

I hope you have fun checking out my site and don't forget to sign my guestbook.  Also, if you want to send me pictures, art work or any news to put to my site, please do so by e-mailing me at:

Jay Reso's Gurl

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Credit:  Clive Arrowsmith

The Members of Def Leppard are:

Joe Elliott: Vocals
Phil Collen: Lead Guitar
Vivian Campbell: Lead Guitar
Rick Savage: Bass
Rick Allen: Drums

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I just added new art works, thanks to Jolaine...  check them out, they are awesome..... is finally launch with their new layout, go and check it out, it's awesome....
I just added the latest news about the band, go and check it out.....
I just added a new Vivian Campbell link....  check it out.....
I just added part two of You MIGHT be a Def Leppard fan IF part II.....